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Just Change It!

This no-nonsense, step-by step program that can take you from frustrated to fantastic.

Through this book, Peggy becomes your private therapist/coach to walk you through each step of your journey.

You’ll experience:

  • Choosing goals that are right for YOU
  • Creating a path to your ideal self
  • Finding and securing the help you really need
  • Learning how real people really change – and becoming your own Change Champion!


Hard Copy






19 Hopeful Hints for Managing
the Big Fat Changes at Work

This booklet is a must-have Survival Guide for managing the stress and challenge of organizational change.

It gives employees 19 tips for:

  • Focusing on the present,
  • Taking charge of their morale,
  • Facing their fears,
  • Taking care of themselves,
  • Staying informed, and
  • Shifting their thinking from resisting change to being Change Champions!


Hard Copy





Change Bytes:
Wit & Wisdom for Change Champions

If you, or your organization, are initiating a change – you’re going to need all the help you can get!

Talking about change is exhilarating – leading change requires courage and a well-developed ability to laugh at yourself. Change Bytes is packed full of battle-tested tips and tools to help you navigate your next change project – and a few laughs to get through it with a little less pain!

This little booklet has been designed to provide you with some solid ideas to help you with your change journey, and a bit of humour to lighten the load.


Hard Copy





Rules of Engagement for Communicating at Work

by Kathleen Redmond

With candor and great insight, author Kathleen Redmond offers positive, insightful and practical alternatives to behaviors that damage communication, impact performance and fracture relationships in today's workplace.

This no-nonsense, shoot-from-the-hip handbook is an expert guide for managers who want to improve productivity, employee morale and retention, and bottom line efficiencies. It's all about making communication work ... at work.


Hard Copy




Professionally Speaking Volume 1

Co-authored by Peggy Grall, this book introduces twenty-four successful speakers - including Peggy Grall who share their insights, knowledge and experiences.

You will be inspired to reach new levels of personal motivation, career focus, and profits through their stories and advice.

Finding this information on your own could take months, even years, But why wait? Reading this book now will put your speaking career on the fast track today!


Hard Copy




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