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"The complexity around the many factors required to successfully navigate through change hits home with the Transition Poker game. In a fun and engaging way, the game teaches each player how to be mindful of and sort through the "real life" challenges presented by their world of change."

Johnson & Johnson




"Our Sales management team is very competitive - losing is painful, playing Transition Poker drove home the importance of change, so you can position yourself and your team to be the winner."

Kaman Industrial Technologies




"Peggy was extensively involved in working with our staff and coaching them through extraordinary challenges... through her interactive ability, we were able to address our challenges and see our team grow."
Staples/Business Depot




Peggy Grall


How can your team or entire organization experience
interactive fun while learning solid Change Leadership skills?

Transition Poker™ Workshop - Where Change Theory Meets Real Play

The exciting and interactive Transition Poker™ Workshop teaches foundational concepts and provides tools for any group to master the power of the 6 Success Factors for leading organizational change successfully.

The Transition Poker™ Workshop is composed of:

Peggy Grall

  • JCI People Change Process - a solid foundation as to how people move through change and how leaders can motivate, model and monitor change success
  • The 6 Success Factors for leading change - understanding the importance of each success factor and how to compensate for missing elements when leading a change initiative
  • The experiential, real-play of the Transition Poker™ game engages players to use the 6 Success Factors and choose strategies that will enable a successful change initiative, bet on their potential success and defend their choices to colleagues
  • The Change Style Index - understanding your Personal Change Style can help you decide what you need to be successful during a time of change and how you use your style and the styles of your team members to successfully lead organizational change
  • The Change Map - a tool your change leaders can use to create and document the specific action steps necessary for your group to bring change success into your organization


Transition Poker™ Players:


  • Experience the push-pull of competition during a change
  • Understand how to negotiate and persuade change partners
  • Appreciate how important communication and leadership style are in helping people change
  • Learn how to consider and choose strategies that will mediate negativity and resistance and invite success!


Whether players bluff, bet or are bold enough to go all in, Transition Poker™ tests their knowledge and skill at leading change when the stakes are high!


Transition Poker™ Workshop - Train the Trainer Program

What it is

The Transition Poker™ Train the Trainer program is a full-day workshop style program that equips and licenses participants to confidently present the Transition Poker™ Workshop, a unique, experiential change leadership training program for leaders and managers in organizations.


 What it does

The Transition Poker™ Train the Trainer program equips trainers, team leaders and Human Resource professionals to work with teams and organizations to enable them to successfully model and promote strong change leadership abilities.


What to expect

Participants will leave the full day training with a complete understanding of change leadership skills, and be well-practiced in setting up, facilitating and debriefing the game. The format for the day will be highly interactive using small group, real-play and teach-back sessions to cement change fundamentals, teach game theory and delivery.



The Leader's Summit™ Program

Are your employees resisting and disengaging from the organizational changes you’ve initiated? Are you frustrated and wondering how to re-energize them and yourself?


The Leader's Summit™ program is an 8 Module Change Leadership (most modules are half-day) learning experience that organizations move through in preparation for a significant change initiative.

If you or your organization is initiating an organizational change, you’re going to need all the help you can get! The ability to effectively lead organizational change has become the single most sought-after leadership skill in organizations today.

Leaders are experiencing the constant need to lead groups of people through relentless, overlapping change initiatives, all the while maintaining their own sanity and integrity.

Discover how you can:

  • Focus people on results, not on emotional reactions during the toughest part of any organizational change.
  • Develop your own ability to communicate in a way that engenders trust and fosters action.
  • Leverage your personal Change Style to get the most from yourself and your staff.
  • Stop managing resistance and start engaging people’s hearts and minds to achieve the extraordinary!


Leader's Summit™ Program Modules:

  • Module 1: Organizations in Flux - A Closer Look at Organizational Change
  • Module 2: People in Transition - What Do They Need to Be Successful? (this module contains Transition Poker™)
  • Module 3: The Leader Looking Glass - How Are My Change Skills?
  • Module 4: Change Leadership - Leadership Skills That Transform Groups
  • Module 5: Coaching Training - Conversations That Facilitate Transition
  • Module 6: Evaluating Success -Tools to Measure Progress
  • Module 7: Managing Intense Change - When Business is Unusual
  • Module 8: The Change Map - A Customized, Strategic Change-Plan

The first step in the Leader's Summit™ Program is for the organization to take The JCI Organizational Change Readiness Assessment: an on-line assessment for determining an organization's inclination toward change success and the gaps in its change preparedness.


Leading Change & Learning to Love It!

Has your team or organization decided to make a change?

Are you learning new processes or working with new people?

When the leadership of an organization can't change - the people STRUGGLE and leaders have a unique opportunity to model change-skills during times of transition.

Whether you are choosing to change, or being forced to make changes ... Hang on! The Change Coach has good news for you!

In Peggy's presentation she invites participants to:

  • Learn how to leverage the psychological factors that influence people transitions
  • Identify and capitalize on the natural laws of change
  • Recognize their Change Style, and the style of others
  • Learn Tips & Techniques that Change Leaders use to motivate their employees
  • Anticipate and respond to individual & organizational Resistance
  • Identify & capture the Success Factors of change management
  • Engage in serious Self-reflection about their own change-readiness


This program is offered in a key-note or workshop format. The ½ or full-day workshop is appropriate managers and senior leaders. The full-day workshop is highly experiential and interactive.

Participants are given activities, improvisational skits and case studies to anchor concepts, and practice time to enhance their skills as well as a complimentary copy of the booklet "19 Hopeful Hints for Managing the Big Fat Changes at Work" a must have Survival Guide for managing the stress and challenge of organizational change.

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