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Workplace Conflict Resolution Workshops & Keynotes

When a relationship is going wrong at work, it's common for people to want to blame and criticize the other person. During individual or team conflict you can find yourself thinking, "If it just wasn't for his/ her bad attitude," or "that little group" - this place would be great! It's a common - but deadly-first response to workplace conflict.

Peggy Grall works with individuals and groups to help them resolve difficult workplace conflict situations. Drawing upon her expertise as a psychotherapist she helps people learn new and positive ways to resolve workplace conflict.

Who Are These People, & Why Are They Driving Me Crazy?

Peggy Grall believes individuals and teams can do better than playing the blame-and-shame game. She works with leaders and managers to assertively engage each other to artfully resolve workplace conflict and transform disputes into opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Debunk the Myths and Misconceptions about workplace conflict
  • Stand up for themselves and engage a difficult employee in solving the issue
  • Learn to quickly settle the question of, 'who's problem is it anyway?' in any dispute
  • Distinguish Assertive responses over Aggressive or Passive ones
  • Select the appropriate Mode of Handling Conflict in any situation using the Thomas Killman Mode

The ½ or full day workshop is appropriate for staff, managers and senior leaders. The full-day workshop is highly experiential and interactive. Participants are given activities, improvisational skits and case studies to anchor concepts, and practice time to enhance their skills.

The program is also offered in a 2-day format. This expanded program is highly experiential and lends itself to junior staff and new managers that could benefit from an extended learning opportunity.

"Many thanks for a great session on ‘dealing with difficult people’ –
it was highly informative, entertaining, and at just the right level and pace."
University of Toronto

"Your presentation on dealing with people that drive you crazy was excellent.
You gave great examples and engaged the pharma tech world well."

Pharmacy Technicians Conference

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