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Rave Reviews

"The complexity around the many factors required to successfully navigate through change hits home with the Transition Poker game. In a fun and engaging way, the game teaches each player how to be mindful of and sort through the "real life" challenges presented by their world of change."
Johnson & Johnson

"Our Sales management team is very competitive - losing is painful, playing Transition Poker drove home the importance of change, so you can position yourself and your team to be the winner."
Kaman Industrial Technologies


"Peggy was extensively involved in working with our staff and coaching them through extraordinary challenges... through her interactive ability, we were able to address our challenges and see our team grow."
Staples/Business Depot


"Wow, it was a great event and I was so pleased with the feedback I received from the Board members specially the nay-sayers. I really appreciated your leadership throughout the 2 days and for helping us come out with decisions rather then floundering in "CHAOS" until the next retreat."


"Peggy Grall's presentation on change management was great; what an excellent idea given that change is so prominent in healthcare these days!"
OHA Health Information Conference


“Peggy is entertaining, while delivering content that is relevant, timely and valuable to businessleaders across industries….she’s one of the best public speakers in North America today.”
The HIRE Net Work


"Many thanks for a great session on ‘dealing with difficult people’ – it was highly informative, entertaining, and at just the right level and pace."
University of Toronto


"Your presentation on dealing with people that drive you crazy was excellent. You gave great examples and engaged the pharma tech world well."
Pharmacy Technicians Conference


"By working with Peggy, I was able to improve my skills as a leader and further develop sustainable relationships with my employees. I was very satisfied and impressed with Peggy's skills as a coach"
Labatt Breweries


"My coaching skills after your clinic have been so worthwhile in both work relationships and my home life."
Egg Farmers of Ontario




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