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Article Series

Peggy has written several articles on a variety of interesting subjects. Many of which have been used in her seminars and presentations and have been sought after by attendees.

Peggy offers you these articles to reprint or repost - FREE - provided that her name and contact information (supplied at the end of each article) are included. Please let us know how you plan to use any article(s) by Peggy by sending us an email.

EQ Coaching: The Ultimate Development Tool
Lear how coaching can accelerate the development and promote ability of Generation X.

(920 Words)

Hope and Change the Intersection
Lear how leaders can hold hope for their teams and organizations during times of intense change.

(2556 Words)

Bringing Teams Together - One Game At a Time
Using natural group dynamics to accelerate group learning.

(2592 Words)

Changing the Workplace – One Conversation at a Time
Learn how to leverage your own conversational style and how to collaborate with styles different than yours.

(1442 Words)

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